Table Life is an invitation to everyday discipleship that is Biblically rooted in the habits of scripture reading, listening, storytelling, communion in the context of a local community.

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This is one of my favorite chapter’s from Table Life. In Chapter 5 readers discover that our stories are holy because they are the story of a life in search of meaning. When our stories interact with the stories of others we discover that we are all image bearers of God, helping us discover the multifaceted ways God is actively present in his creation. We use the book of Jonah as an example of a well told short story that leaves us asking questions about who we are and how we fit into what God is doing.

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In Table Life, Greg Mamula walks us through what happens when we gather as Christians to eat around a table. We are stunned that something so simple becomes so profoundly transformative. This is an astute thorough biblical study of how revolution happens when we eat, the revolution of the kingdom of God. I hope this book is widely read in churches everywhere.” —David Fitch, BR Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology, Northern Seminary; Author, Faithful Presence.

“In this gentle book, Mamula puts the table back at the center of the church’s life and ministry. In calling us back to the simple disciplines of table life, he reminds us that relationships—with God and one another—are at the heart of our formation as the followers of Jesus.” —Simon Carey Holt, Pastor, Collins Street Baptist Church; Blogger,

“Combining engaging narrative and meaningful theology, Greg Mamula challenges and encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and into the deep relationships essential to everyday discipleship. Practical skills and action steps make Table Life an attainable reality, engaging with others in a transformative community in today’s rapidly changing culture. This is an inspirational guide for anyone seeking deeper connection with others and spiritual growth in community.” Jolene Erlacher, PhD, Author of Millennials in Ministry