Habits Form Our Hearts

The reality is “we are all living according to a specific regimen of habits, and those habits shape most of our lives … This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that habits form more than our schedules: they form our hearts.” (Earley, p. 7.)

We are all deeply shaped and molded by the habits we keep.

What is this Time Doing to You?

Despite being forced to cut back on our experiences, expenses, and exposure, we collectively remain in a hurry. We were in a hurry before the virus forced us out of common spaces. We have been in a hurry seeking to adapt to sudden change. Currently, we seem to be in a hurry to get back. Back to what? Back to the office, back to school, back to profits, back to consumerism, back to sanctuaries, back to normal? Are we in such a hurry to get back that we are missing the chance to move forward into something new?