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Welcome to Table Life! You are invited to join your brothers and sisters in Christ around the table to experience the everyday discipleship habits of eating together, dwelling in the word, listening, storytelling, and communion.

“Eating with others is holy work.” That theological conviction inspires a compelling invitation to everyday discipleship that is centered around shared meals. A life shaped by the table is one shaped by community. We share common dishes, and the narrative of our lives begins to intertwine as we listen to our tablemates’ stories and tell our own in turn. This new book presents a uniquely holistic approach to table fellowship as a spiritual discipline. Many table fellowship resources begin and end at the table, and many spiritual discipline resources limit the theological significance of the table to the Eucharist, led by clergy. Table Life is an intentional and interactive process of reflection and action, meals and mission, listening and storytelling, scripture and perspective, communion and neighboring. These disciplines connect the individual with Christ, the local church, their neighborhood, and their community contexts. Discover how participating in the spiritual disciplines of eating together, listening, storytelling, scripture reading, and communion in the context of a community you begin to be shaped into people who recognize and celebrate the presence of Christ in every aspect of life.

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“In Table Life, Greg Mamula walks us through what happens when we gather as Christians to eat around a table. We are stunned that something so simple becomes so profoundly transformative. This is an astute thorough biblical study of how revolution happens when we eat, the revolution of the kingdom of God. I hope this book is widely read in churches everywhere.” —David Fitch, BR Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology, Northern Seminary; Author, Faithful Presence

“In this gentle book, Mamula puts the table back at the center of the church’s life and ministry. In calling us back to the simple disciplines of table life, he reminds us that relationships—with God and one another—are at the heart of our formation as the followers of Jesus.” —Simon Carey Holt, Pastor, Collins Street Baptist Church; Blogger,

“Many of the recurring questions in my circles are about evangelism. ‘Can we do it with integrity? …in a divided and pluralistic society? …in ways that are effective?’ Greg Mamula answers those questions with a practice (not a program) he knows personally—Table Life.” —Travis Collins, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama

Table Life had an immediate impact on our ministry which then resulted in significant life change for many of the people we serve. Greg Mamula does an excellent job of providing insight and guidance on how to use the table and conversation as spiritual tools. Jesse Rider, City Center Campus Pastor, Crossroads Church Mansfield, Ohio

“Combining engaging narrative and meaningful theology, Greg Mamula challenges and encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and into the deep relationships essential to everyday discipleship. Practical skills and action steps make Table Life an attainable reality, engaging with others in a transformative community in today’s rapidly changing culture. This is an inspirational guide for anyone seeking deeper connection with others and spiritual growth in community.” —Jolene Erlacher, PhD, Author of Millennials in Ministry

“In Table Life, Rev. Dr. Greg Mamula gives us a new look at the meaning of sharing food together while examining how food was shared in the Bible. I have participated in many Table Life meals and have learned valuable lessons of Storytelling, Listening, Praying, and Understanding Scripture. In our individualistic and often separated communities, this book has a wealth of information to get your community engaged in fresh ways with fresh ideas. Bon appetit!” —Rev. Paul Marine, Sunset Hills Baptist Church

“It has been said that hospitality may be described as a helping across a threshold. In Table Life, Greg Mamula does this and more, inviting us to pull up a chair and experience the table as the heart of abundant life in Christ. Insightful and practical, Table Life is a welcome resource for those who hunger for community in the chaos of these days.” —Jeffery L. Savage, Spiritual Director and Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church of Springfield Oregon

“Greg Mamula invites us to pull up a chair to discover a platform for Scripture, story, friendship, and covenant. Mamula’s book connects the house table to the church communion table, showing us how to turn our furniture into an altar of love, sacrifice, and devotion for a lonely world. Mamula provides practical, personal tools that the church can use in a post-COVID world no matter how large or small the congregation. Greg provides a biblical foundation to help us take a new journey down the Emmaus road and invite Jesus to walk with us along the Way. By using the practical tools, churches and homes can engage their communities and restore relationships with one another.” —William D. Shiell, PhD, President and Professor of Pastoral Theology and Preaching, Northern Seminary