The Trinity by Andrei Rublev

Everyone is welcome at the table where Jesus is host. Andrei Rublev’s icon The Trinity reminds us the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sits at a table with a blessed cup in a state of perpetual divine invitation. They sit with one side of the table eternally open, welcoming every person who looks upon the icon into communion and fellowship. Icon’s like this one tell a story and invite viewers to become part of the story.

Table Life is designed to gather people together to share stories, listen to our table mates, reflect on scripture, and share communion (Eucharist, Lords Supper).

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Table Stories

“In Table Life, Rev. Dr. Greg Mamula gives us a new look at the meaning of sharing food together while examining how food was shared in the Bible. I have participated in many Table Life meals and have learned valuable lessons of Storytelling, Listening, Praying, and Understanding Scripture. In our individualistic and often separated communities, this book has a wealth of information to get your community engaged in fresh ways with fresh ideas. Bon appetit!” —Rev. Paul Marine, Sunset Hills Baptist Church

Looking back on our Table Life experience, it was so very evident that God was using our time together to sharpen each other and prepare everyone for leadership, job changes, and other big life moves. One of the most meaningful experiences we had was when we went around the table and talked about what we thought was our spouse’s spiritual gift. To hear everyone so lovingly share the gifts that we see our spouses was incredibly moving.


I participated in Table Life with my local church in Omaha, NE.  The purpose and goals were unique to us and easily followed.  It was truly an enlightening experience.  We met in our homes and shared meals, life stories and how Christ has impacted our lives.  I felt closer to those brothers and sisters in Christ and when we finished off with communion I felt closer to Christ.  I would gladly do this again with others over and over again.


Recently we had maintenance work on our home. Apart from knowing that they helped a neighbor last year, we didn’t know them. My wife and I invited them to join us for a sub sandwich lunch. As we gathered at the table, we learned more about each other. We shared in faith about how God had; and still is, working in our lives. I shared some of my testimony. Before we were finished with lunch one of the work crew commented that it was refreshing to meet other believers on a worksite. In looking back on this I felt that the “Table Life” ministry has provided a foundation to work in instances like this to help bring those we come across closer to our LORD.

-Ron and Mary