In a world still reeling from pandemic and in a nation confronting the persistence of racism and systemic injustice, this timely volume brings the wisdom of experience from clergy and other leaders on the frontlines of spiritual care and social advocacy. Contributors respond to questions about what we are learning during these crises—about God, our nation, and ourselves, questions about being the church and about being neighbors. The messages are richly diverse and compellingly relevant, offering biblical insights and prophetic exhortation as well as creative ministry ideas and reminders about self-care. An invaluable handbook for surviving the current crises and uncertain future with compassion, hope, and resilience.

Edited by Curtis Ramsey-Lucas Published by Judson Press

I contributed Chapter 7 “What Is This Time Doing to You?” pg.52-60 for this collection. Special thanks to Editor Curtis Ramsey-Lucas and to Judson Press for the invitation to participate.