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Conflict Management and The Apostle Paul

In a world still reeling from pandemic and in a nation confronting the persistence of racism and systemic injustice, this timely volume brings the wisdom of experience from clergy and other leaders on the frontlines of spiritual care and social advocacy. Contributors respond to questions about what we are learning during these crises—about God, our nation, and ourselves, questions about being the church and about being neighbors. The messages are richly diverse and compellingly relevant, offering biblical insights and prophetic exhortation as well as creative ministry ideas and reminders about self-care. An invaluable handbook for surviving the current crises and uncertain future with compassion, hope, and resilience.

Edited by Curtis Ramsey-Lucas Published by Judson Press

I contributed Chapter 7 “What Is This Time Doing to You?” pg.52-60 for this collection. Special thanks to Editor Curtis Ramsey-Lucas and to Judson Press for the invitation to participate.


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Praise For #In This Together

Baptist News Global Summary

“The hallelujah in the horrors of COVID-19 and despicable blatant and systematic racial violence is a spiritual calling for the church to be different. Our ecclesiastical hand has been forced. Either we will change for the prophetic better or show ourselves knowingly to be part of the problem. The varied meaningful testimonies in this volume will inspire creative justice-building and help us to be willfully part of the solution.”—Kirk Byron Jones, DMin, PhD, author of Soul Talk: How to Have the Most Important Conversation of All

“Having dealt with crisis at the White House, and maybe created a few of my own, I appreciate the thoughtful way the essays in #InThisTogether deal with how to handle it. Crisis will impact every institution, not just the White House but denominations, local churches, non-profit groups, and community organizations. This volume gives useful advice, sober counsel on how to prepare, and how to respond, centered on a loving God who will be with us no matter what.”—Mike McCurry, Former White House Press Secretary, Professor/Director, Center for Public Theology, Wesley Theological Seminary

“Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, a trained theologian, published writer, and champion of the underdog, has gathered the observations of a wide variety of authors into a compelling collection of religious reflections, important facts, and civil reform passion. God is moving us during this time of trial. Whether you are a lay or ordained leader looking for ways to confront injustice or to cope during the COVID-19 crisis, this volume will stretch you, inform you, and offer you a path forward.”—Ginny Thornburgh, Disability Advocate and Caregiver; Former Director, Interfaith Initiative (AAPD)

“A member of both the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Commission on Human Rights, Peacebuilding, and Reconciliation and the BWA Commission on Religious Freedom, Curtis Ramsey-Lucas expertly pulls together voices for #InThisTogether: Ministry in Times of Crisis to reflect on the issues of today and challenge readers grappling with the current crisis. While portions of the resource focus on the United States context, this volume stands as a testament to biblical justice and would benefit all of the BWA’s 47 million Baptists as we are #StandingTogether in faith in the midst of global pandemic.”—Julie Justus Williams, Director of Global Partnerships and Unity, Baptist World Alliance

“This rich anthology of faith-based writers, compiled by noted Baptist editor Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, offers the practical wisdom of church leaders from across the United States, addressing pastors and other congregational leaders working to overcome the dilemmas placed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic from their own and others’ experiences. Some of the 18 authors deal with theological responses to crises; others give first-hand experience in mastering the latest technologies to communicate and care for their members; and still others share their knowledge in coping with the social and community issues, in ministry to not only their members, but also their neighbors in meeting physical and spiritual needs. Special attention is given to raising the social justice issues expressed in light of Black Lives Matter, other racial minorities, immigrants, children, and lower-income Americans.”—Rev. Daniel R. Gangler, MDiv, DMin, retired United Methodist communicator

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Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul

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