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Conflict Management and The Apostle Paul

I served as co-editor to this work with Dr. Scot McKnight. The individual chapters were written by my much more talented Northern Seminary Doctor of Ministry cohort members. They are all brilliant scholars and pastors. It is my ongoing pleasure to be friends and ministry colleagues with them.

Churches often find themselves in the middle of conflict. These conflicts can exist between people within the church, between the leaders and congregation, or even between churches themselves. Leaders often turn to Scripture for guidance in resolving these conflicts. However, the Bible does not outline or even discuss conflict management. In fact, various biblical figures—from ancient Israelite kings to New Testament apostles—all uniquely approach conflict.

Does the Bible have a “theory of conflict management”? In Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul, the authors explore how Paul approached conflicts with his close associates like Barnabas and Peter, and with his mission churches like those in Galatia and Corinth. Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul distinctively sketches how various theories of conflict management used today shed light on Paul’s own approaches to conflict while also evaluating the conflicts themselves. The authors in this volume are pastors and church workers who themselves bring their own experiences with conflict into play as they seek wisdom from the New Testament.

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Praise for Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul

“This text takes a deep dive into how the Apostle Paul addressed conflict…You will need this book in the days ahead.” —Jeff Woods, Acting General Secretary ABC USA

“Living in a world filled with contention, both inside and outside the church, we need help working through conflict to restore communication and connection with those around us….The series of articles give fresh insight to a practical blend of biblical instruction and sociological conflict transformation systems.     —Robin Stoops, Executive Minister ABC Nebraska

“…With case stories scattered throughout, this book serves as a useful companion for all who seek to better understand Paul’s teaching and how it sheds light on modern strategies that work, and those that do not.” —Karl A. Slaiku, Preferred Path

 New Testament Abstracts (NTA pp 364)

Society of Biblical Literature RBL April 2020 by Adam White ConfManagement Review

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