My guest today is Donna Biek. Donna deep family roots in Hastings, NE and is a member of the First Baptist Church. Donna’s ministry focuses on students and adults with special needs in her community. She is the point person for the area Special Olympics, where she helps coordinate the various sports the athletes participate in. She is also the owner operator of the non-profit Ice Cream parlor Special Scoops, that hires over 20 special needs persons. Please be sure to check out the show notes to learn more about how you can support Special Olympics in your area and how you can support Special Scoops with your non-profit donations.

Donate over the phone to Special Scoops: 402-461-5860

Mail donations to Special Scoops 237 North St. Joseph Ave. Hastings NE 68901

Special Scoops Facebook:

Special Olympics Facebook:

Special Olympics NE Website:

Learn more about Table Life visit

Churches Helping Churches ABC Nebraska visit


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