My Guest today is Kelli Foreman, the Assistant Executive Director of Kodiak Baptist Mission and American Baptist Home Missionary. She has a full and diverse set of responsibilities at Kodiak that include grant writing, directing the before and after school programming, overseeing the only grade-A goat dairy on the Island, and is a rather imaginative social media content creator. Her husband Stephen in addition to his work with Kodiak Baptist Mission is a counselor for the local school district. They are Nebraska natives with ties to Gibbon and Fremont, and met at the Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center.


I really enjoyed my conversation with Kelli and look forward to hearing more from her and Stephen during our “Say Yes to the Call” Region Expo on October 1 and 2, 2021. Unfortunately, they cannot attend our event in person, but will be joining us through the magic of a live zoom call to learn more about their callings to serve at Kodiak Baptist Mission and in school counseling and how they invite others to “Say Yes to the Call” to follow Christ in their everyday lives and vocations. You can register for the Region Expo by visiting our website and click the Region Expo link at the top of the page.



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