J.D. and Rhonda Reed are Global Servants for International Ministries to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

They work primarily with the House of Hope. Rhonda a nurse with multiple medical certifications, leads the House of Hope a ministry that provides a variety of health and development ministries in urban contexts. JD trains and equips missionaries, pastors, and leaders in his role as a regional consultant for theological education and partners with Palmer Seminary in the United States to provide masters degrees in Latin Studies in Spanish and Portuguese

We have invited JD and Rhonda to Mission in 5 because they are doing great ministry in Bolivia and because they will serve as special guests to our “Say Yes to the Call” Region Expo on October 1 and 2, 2021 at First Baptist Church in Fremont, NE. Sadly, they will not be able to join us in person, but we will host a live zoom call with them during the expo. So, whether you join us in person or online, you will get to see them and hear about why they “Say yes to the Call”.



International Ministries Bio Page:

Palmer Seminary MTS Latin Ministries:

House of Hope:  (Page updates coming soon)

2021 CHC Region Expo info and registration:

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